7. Yike Chen

Of necessity we remain strangers to ourselves, we understand ourselves not, we are bound to be mistaken, for of us holds good to all eternity the motto, “Each one is the farthest away from himself”—as far as ourselves are concerned we are not “knowers.”

—— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

In an accelerating society, our brains passively and high-speed process thousands of fragmented information every day. The overwhelming information in the internet world has eroded us like a scourge. I have to admit that the advancement in technology has brought convenience to life. Not that everything is rosy. In this era of impetuous and rapid development, people worry about being left behind and the only thing they can do is to speed up. How far have we gone? How much do we see? Is the true self still there?

The existence of graphic design is more of a tool than art. For me, one of the most important parts in graphic design is to solve problems. In addition, the process of graphic design is a process of exploring possibilities, which arouses people to thinking through critical design. I hope to explore the connection between the Internet, big data and psychology in my design. Exploring the impact of the information age, thinking about whether the progress of science and technology has brought positive effects to the world? How does big data disrupt our behavior? The impact of the information age on self-perception? Ideological change and the psychological state in the big data society. This project will explore how to transform abstract psychology into more intuitive and acceptable visual effects through design, awakening people's reflection on self-cognition.