16. Sloane Schuchman

I’ve always felt like I’m almost there, with most endeavors in my life. I’m a touch (or more) impulsive, erratic; a professor (hi Kristen, if you’re reading this) once described me as “feverish” in my making—and that applies to the rest of my life too, I think. It’s admirable in effort, an unrelenting passion and curiosity. But sometimes (often) it leaves a handful to be desired in execution. I’m reminded of my little brother, who’s not so little anymore—we used to find the detritus of his investigations around the house: the components of my mother’s kitchen clock, scattered on top of the dining room credenza and halfway put back together, but not entirely. He had taken it apart, figured out how it worked, and started putting it back together—but his curiosity was satisfied and something else probably caught his eye—and he was off to the next investigation. Perhaps it runs in the family. Perhaps it has to do with the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that [insensitive] therapist warned my dad about when I was in high school (the last time I checked, avoiding doorknobs is not a crime). Either way, this book is my best attempt at putting that clock back together: a collection of my curiosities, my experiments, my obsessions, dare I say compulsions. My formal and not-so-formal design inquiries and inspirations, and a glimpse on paper of that feverish, frantic, playful, unremitting spark that drives me forward: to show, to share, to overshare, to try, to communicate, to translate, to understand and interact and ingest—digest—unhinge—to constantly disassemble, iterate, and to try again. This book is an invitation to indulge in your childish curiosity through the deconstruction, recontextualization, and feverish making of art through the lens of graphic design.