11. Shantel Miller

I make figurative paintings that transcend the lived and imagined experiences of my inner world. As a Jamaican-Canadian visual artist, I explore constructs of race, gender, religion, and sexuality, pulling from personal narrative as a departure point for understanding broader social realities in the world. I view my practice as an interdisciplinary space rooted in active listening, intuition, and research. My creative process oscillates between painting, drawing, photo-montage, printmaking, and installation. I use collage to suggest relationships of tension and intimacy in the public and private domain of my spiritual journey as a Christian. What arises is uncommon imagery. Isolated moments of photorealism, evocative body language, and bold colors evoke emotional tonality. Ranging from small to large in scale, each painting reads allegorically through a language of symbolism, reinforcing human resilience and interconnectedness in subject matter.