5. Sarah Elliot

My current work involves simple, defined structures, such as a few lines or geometric shapes. These forms coexist with a large number of smaller irregular marks as a means of creating an organic, tactile and evanescent surface space. The paintings are likely to emerge in unexpected ways from different starting points that are based on experiments with a variety of new ideas, materials, and processes. The works evolve gradually through many layers in an intuitive and rhythmic way. It often feels as though they are painting themselves through me.

Creative work from many cultures throughout history influences my practice, as much as the many unimportant, yet remarkable, daily experiences that dot my life. I am particularly inspired by the simplified visual dynamics of Minimalism and by the patterns and symbols found in creations from indigenous cultures that are an integral part of the celebration and well-being of their community. These elaborated artifacts add yet another historical layer to suggest that painting is a basic human act. When I relate this truth to the needs of contemporary society, I hope that my paintings can also benefit people by allowing them an opportunity to reflect and refresh their senses.