9. Landon Jones

My paintings and sculptural objects explore ideas of language, perception, and certainty through the format of games. Typically simple and leisurely, games offer a specific set of parameters and elements that exist outside of our reality and inside their own particular complex, that is to say, inside their own reality. My practice aims to create artworks that are built out of rules and logic-based systems. These formulas give the works an innate sense of structure that may not be entirely understood by the viewer, but are nonetheless experienced through the repetition, arrangement, and coding of the elements within each artwork. The awareness of structure is further foregrounded by juxtaposing the rigidity of these systems with the spontaneity of the material by making everything by hand or with simple tools, leaving behind the evidence of chance through touch and human error. The materiality manifests the intangible frameworks of my practice into physical form, presenting themselves to the viewer without illusion, but as they are.