9. Kari Everson

As a designer I see myself having three important jobs: to create, solve problems, and to explore the many realms of design across disciplines. Back when technology was in its most basic and brand new, it was not very accessible, always clunky, and only specialists could handle it. Over the years technology has been evolved and has permeated almost every aspect of our lives; creating many cross-disciplinary moments and opportunities. This diffusion has and will become the future for design jobs and designers. The designer’s role will be to act as the “fusion” between art, design, and many other areas. The ability to think critically while working seamlessly across disciplines, blending together each of their best aspect, as well as opening the mind to imagination, is what makes a “Fusionist”. A fusionist is driven by the future, while using design as the vehicle to give the best experience. This thesis explores the fusion between biology and design and how the intersection between them can be used to rethink society and creation.