10. Kaitlyn Malinowski

My oil paintings portray hair freed from the human body and situated in unnamable realities. Hair becomes animated through the use of implied motion, scale, and dramatic lighting. Establishing a feminine presence and dominant mood, large bodies of hair undulate, curl, and cascade, exceeding the viewer in scale.

In the paintings, long locks are cropped by the edge of the canvas and suggest a narrative beyond
the frame. This body of work addresses our complex relationship to hair, evoking notions of sexuality, identity, ego, gender, cultural norms, and rituals. Gathering as patterns and coiling inwards, the forms organize together in power, operating within the polarities of serenity and fierceness.

As an artist, I’m interested in painting as a way to negotiate confinement and liberation. It is through observation and imagination that I visualize a reality in which symbolic barriers are overthrown, allowing for a triumph and freedom to flourish.