13. Josh Rondeau

Marrying an interest in domestic architecture, a frustration with the screen’s impact on contemporary painting, and a devotion to the experience of looking, my practice has developed into painting empty architectural spaces. My paintings are based on life-sized models or ‘sets’ that I construct in my studio. I am uncompromising about working from life. Understanding the space in relation to my body is necessary in these experiential paintings.

My work represents nondescript domestic architectural spaces and calls attention to the impact these seemingly neutral spaces have on our bodies. While we interact with screens, we become distracted from the vessels of boredom in which we reside. My paintings do not offer much imagery or entertainment because they reject the trends in contemporary art fueled by our need to be entertained. Rather than directly referencing the screen, I try to offer a counter-experience in my paintings. I take into consideration the ways in which they will be reproduced digitally—and then subvert that expectation. As an artist I carefully balance subversive aspects of my work with a more earnest approach. Allowing enough of myself into my paintings keeps them from feeling cynical, and is a gesture of respect to the viewer.