13. Huishi (Faith) Li

In recent years, the Chinese government has also consciously begun to protect some traditional cultures and arts, but more of it only stays at providing financial assistance and increasing exposure so that they will not die out. But I personally think it is far from enough. The vitality of a culture always lies in the spirit of the times and the resonance of the masses, rather than putting it on the shelf as a treasure. Moreover, if you want to create something adorable, you can never use persecution and preaching, but you should let itself glow.

In recent years, there is a new design concept called cultural design or culture within design. In the design process, one or more cultural elements or cultural symbols are mobilized to refine and improve, and to complete the original thought or emotion through artistic techniques such as deconstruction and reorganization. In the procedure of connecting the old and new, revising the narrative and spirit, I think design is able to play a vital role in this creative work. Give the old things a new appearance, and make people more willing to understand its new core along with the history through the new appearance. Moreover, design is not just offering a new shell, the vital part is to generate a new spirit fits the current era.