2. Hannah Minifie

In my recent work, I use doors for their physical characteristics and for their rich metaphorical significance.  Doors separate our public lives and our private ones. We use doors to designate power, highlight bureaucratic structures, and emphasize transitions from one place to another. The power that doors wield highlights the elements of the physical and psychological structures that underpin the partitioning of space and the designation of purpose within architecture. Doors symbolize opportunity, privacy, security, or the lack of all three. When one door opens and another closes, change is happening. A threshold is being crossed.

Art - and  sculpture in particular -  is meant to be viewed in person. As more and more of our lives are consumed by our screens, it is increasingly important that artists resist the impulse to exclusively make work that can be flattened into an image. The act of experiencing art in an unmediated way is integral to my work. I want every sculpture to show the act of its making, and the experience of the viewer to only be complete through circumnavigation and activation of the senses.