7. Georganna Greene

My work engages the potential of paint in relation to reused materials. Upon found and made surfaces, transient, time-soaked marks overlap, intersect, and begin to uproot and find a life of their own. This has become a new way of working observationally, in that I carefully watch the phenomenological behavior of wet materials. Light and the absence of light serve as markers of shifting time and space. I am energized by the way written language guides my decision-making and impacts my visual rhythm as an artist.

I am now working on a series of paintings composed of sewn fragments of bleach and dye drawings. As the bleach chemically removes pigment, I build up new layers with paint and collaged fabric. I seek a process where the acts of adding and removal can coexist.  For me, this exercises the idea that humans are always shedding and collecting layers to their lives. I look to painting for the space of metaphor. I want to create a structure for deep transformations to occur, to rest within, or perhaps to break out of. In the wake of perpetual loss, reuse can be a strategy towards renewal.