17. Ellie Xu

What is the goal of communication? Sharing information? Gaining information from other people? That’s what I believe in the past. But now I found out, the goal of communication is usually not to get the information. For example, do you remember what you were talking about at the drinking night with your friend? Most of the time while we are talking, the goal is not for exchanging information, but for building relationships through communication.

During my years of studying graphic design, I have been thinking about what would be a good way to communicate with my audience. I don’t know how the audience would approach my work and the time they will be looking into it. All of these are unpredictable.

The unpredictable participation also often occurs in improvisation art, in which most of the performances are unscripted, and created collaboratively by both performers and audience in the present time. Improvisation as performance art is deeply grounded in the physical experience. The body and the awareness of its physicality is the basis of developing all material. The process is very open and playful. I want to bring the same experience to my audience as well. In this case, they are not just viewers but players, and create something they wouldn’t know they could create.