1. Davis Arney

Loosely operating within the framework of still life and trompe l’oeil, my paintings explore the culture, aesthetics, and spaces to which I have a close proximity. Adjacent mark making techniques and shifting languages of paint, ranging from graphic flatness to sensual painterly naturalism, recall various histories of the medium. Visual tropes from signage, design, and illustration point to systems of public messaging, advertising, and presentation.

At times the painterly descriptions of various materials and objects uncannily emulate their respective physical qualities and challenge assumptions of illusion and depiction while yielding images that teeter between the mimetic and the strange. The tone across my work ranges from satirical and self-deprecating to somber and sincere, reflecting my conflicting feelings and complicity with the structures and environments on which I shine a light. 

The slowness and monastic nature of my practice act in opposition to the accelerating malaise of contemporary existence—a nod to nuance and contemplation in the face of clickbait, increasingly fast hot-takes, and the inundation of vitriolic politics.