6. Danielle Fretwell

Through interrogating the space between painting and photography, I have become interested in the interplay between complicating the viewer’s perception and convincing them to trust the supposed reality of my paintings. My work calls into question the objectivity of the photographic image in relation to the subjectivity of painting. It is our shifting definitions of truth in these mediums that compels me to reveal the falsehoods around them.

We experience the world through our own perceptions, convinced by what we see as factual. I relish in the authority given to me as the artist to conduct what is being seen. My paintings impose the need for slow looking on the part of the viewer as I obscure the distinguishability between different processes and effects. The combination of printmaking techniques with oil paint entered my work as a way to mediate my control. Allowing chance to participate in the work introduces objectivity into an otherwise controlled medium. These paintings mark my very existence; the factuality of the work manifests through my presence in time. Therefore, the paintings are revealed as true through their own objecthood.