2. Bridget Bailey

My paintings are plastic spaces for soft collisions of objects, identity, decoration, the wearable, the malleable, screen space, and imagined and real space. I use canvas, air-dry clay, wax, caulk, spackle, paint, paper, collage, found objects and images, felt, stickers, and a variety of acrylic mediums and glues. I cultivate my practice through material exploration that investigates a place between representation and material-as-material. My use of specific symbols and icons speaks to a habitual party, in which ritual and perpetually-evolving personhood plays out in intimate ways. Stickers, candles, and cakes hint at the joy found in a queerness that has not fully arrived. As an artist I am interested in the private self and the public self, and how the divisions between the two break down through dedication to play and material exploration in the space of a painting.