14. Anvi Shah

My works are notations of my experiences throughout the day. Moments of insignificance are given an elevated importance through the process of transformation and material tactility. An abstract representation is achieved by means of markings and recordings of lived memories. I reciprocate to the organic evolution of the substantial world, making close associations with the geometries relative to the displacement of the body. In my drawings and collages, the emotions of the mind and reflexes of the body are objectified to create a flow of events which unfold across paper and fabric. I am interested in composition and abstract storytelling to stimulate visual navigation. Engaging myself in the mindless, mundane activities of daily life brings me into contact with a philosophical experience of existence. I draw influences from the subjects of Mughal, Rajput, and Jain miniature paintings, the performance of rituals in my family, the aesthetics of Post Minimalism, and the gestural automatism of Abstract Expressionism.